130 phrases from Disney Pixar Movies and DreamWorks

130 phrases from Disney Pixar Movies and DreamWorks

Who has not seen and been excited about the Disney movies? From children to adults, we have all enjoyed their stories and seeing them again makes us go back to our childhood.

Today we wanted to bring you this beautiful collection of famous phrases from the Disney Pixar factory, don't miss them!

Famous Disney Pixar and DreamWorks quotes

We are not born to be what others want us to be, we are born to be what we want. Brave

I am not crazy, my reality is different from yours. Alice in Wonderland

You cannot prevent me from doing things, otherwise, nothing would ever happen to you. Finding Nemo

Life gave me a moment by your side, my heart decided that this moment would be eternal. Tangled up

Sometimes the right path is not the easiest. Pocahontas

Ohana means family. And your family never leaves you or forgets you. Lilo & Stitch

You know that if you don't have background music, you can create your own. The emperor and his follies

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. Mulán

Hey, for your train, you have to let Chiqui do it alone. Finding Nemo

- Close your eyes, now forget what you see, what do you feel? -My heart.

Better outside than inside! Shrek

The only predictable thing in life is that it is unpredictable. Ratatouille

Navigating is not that simple, princess. It's not just hoisting a candle and making knots, you have to see your destiny in your head. You know where you are because you know where you come from. Vaiana

I don't want your help, I want you to be out of danger. Up

True love unites us forever in my heartbeat. Coconut

Brave is the one who risks defending what he thinks is right, and not the one who faces the danger to impress others. How to Train Your Dragon

Follow your heart and take a great leap. Ballerina

Hold on to what makes you different. Dumbo

When you see someone talking alone, you know that he is actually having a conversation with his angel and his devil. The emperor and his follies

I do not want to survive, I want to live. Wall-e

Your life is with who you love most. Tarzan

What is for one with time is coming, and what is not, the same time is taking it. The mad Hatter

The fault of what happened ... throw it on the pig! Sheath

I didn't want to kill him because he looked as scared as I did, and when I saw him ... then I saw myself. How to Train Your Dragon

A lady does not start fights, but can end them. The Aristocats

You don't really need someone to complete you. You just need someone who accepts you completely. Tangled up

Things are not always what they seem. Aladdin

True love will never cut your wings. Maleficent

Legends are stories that convey truths. Brave

You and I are a team. There is nothing more important than your friendship. Monsters Inc.

I am the queen, you listen to me! Brave

Your identity is your most valuable possession, protect it at all costs. Incredible

It is not possible that a world that does so many wonders is so bad. The little Mermaid

What hurts you today, tomorrow will be a memory. Cinderella

Yesterday is past, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why it's called present. Kung Fu Panda

Find the most vital, no more, what is need, no more, and forget about worry. The jungle book

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. Cinderella

Not order your paperwork last night. Monsters Inc.

I must stop being something that I am not. Aladdin

Most people are afraid of death because they have not done anything in their life. Peter Pan

As they say in my hive: The lie is not good! Aladdin

Did you see the sky this afternoon? It was the same. The emperor and his follies

Your past may not have been very happy, but that does not make you who you are, but what you decide to be. Kung Fu Panda

The past may hurt, but, as I see it, you can: either run away from it or learn. The Lion King

I will run, I will fly, with the wind I will ride: I will fly, with the wind I will rideā€¦ Brave

Keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do you do? swim! Finding Nemo

When you love someone, stay inside your heart forever. Bear Brother

Remember that a true hero is not because of the size of his muscles, but because of his heart! Hercules

I never look back, honey. It distracts me from now. The Incredibles

Every rainy day has its rainbow. Stuart Little

As much as the wind blows, a mountain cannot bow before it. Mulán

Eat to live, steal to eat. Aladdin

Everything is possible, even the impossible. Mary Poppins

Whatever decision you choose, it can change your life forever. How to Train Your Dragon

When I look at you, I can feel it. I look at you, and I'm home. Finding Nemo

When someone tells you: "You are not what I expected" Smile and say: "No, because I am more than you wanted." The mad Hatter

He who never risks, usually loses his best. Cinderella

You never understand, but if they understand you understand, do you understand? Finding Nemo

You think that, in other lakes, the greenest algae are. The little Mermaid

What is rookie is giving up. I'm back because I don't give up on you. I bet with your destiny. Hercules

The virtues are sometimes under the surface. Vaiana

We are all connected in the cycle of life. The Lion King

If there is one thing that nobody has been able to buy with money, that is the movement of a dog's tail. The Lady and the Tramp

We must explore the unexplored! Up

The difference between promises and memories is that we usually break the promises, but the memories break us. Hercules

Change is good, yes ... but not easy. The Lion King

The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book. Kung Fu Panda

Keep your head up. Someday there will be happiness again. Robin Hood

A dream is a desire that formulates your heart. Cinderella

Look at the stars The great kings of the past look at us from the stars so, when you feel alone, remember that those kings will always be there to guide you ... And me too. The Lion King

Never underestimate the power of music. Coconut

Eliminate from your life who eliminates your smile. Brave

The same things that stop you are the ones that are going to get you up. Dumbo

A single grain of rice can tip the scales. A single man can be the difference between a victory and a defeat. Mulán

Those who are able to master their fears are the real brave ones. How to Train Your Dragon

I may have wasted my time, but you lost someone who really loved you. Beauty and the Beast

The wall is finally going to collapse. I can feel the earth vibrate. It is possible to draw our love. In the sunlight. Brave

Remember, you are the one who fills the entire world with its light. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

There are people worth melting for. Frozen

Every job that must be finished, there is an element of fun. Find it and go! Work is a game. Mary Poppins

If you follow the footsteps of a stranger, you will see things you never dreamed of seeing. Pocahontas

When I'm with you, I don't feel so alone. Hercules

To live ... that will be my best adventure. Peter Pan

I must stop pretending to be something that I am not. Aladdin

Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. Peter Pan

What a horror to be poor and with expensive tastes. Cinderella

Quiet, quiet, I'm also looking for someone, how about we look together? Finding Nemo

Beauty is inside. Beauty and the Beast

Our destiny lives in us. You just have to be brave enough to see it. Brave

I am a decent pig! Not a pig! Lion King

Good dragons under the control of bad people, they do bad things. How to Train Your Dragon

We are not males, but we are many. The emperor and his follies

Love is putting someone's needs before yours. Frozen

Where the forest hides secrets you will never know. The mountains echo stories from a time ago. Brave

How nice it is to see someone so immune to reality. Lorax

You're the best thing I didn't know I needed. Now it's so clear that I need you here always. Princess and the Frog

Always let your conscience be your guide. Pinocchio

To infinity and beyond! Toy story

Life is not a sport of voyeurs. If you spend your time watching, you will see your life go by and you stay behind. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

If you wait for the right moment it was that. Pirates of the Caribbean

For love, great follies are always made. Hercules

Crying reassures me the problems of life. Reverse

What makes Woody special is that he never abandons you, he will be with you! !whatever happens!! Toy story

No matter what pain your heart has, if you continue to believe, the desire you want will come true. Cinderella

I'm not a perfect person. I make mistakes, that's why I appreciate those who stay with me after knowing how I am. The mad Hatter

If you don't like to talk, it will be better to shut up. Bamboo

May your free soul be. Tarzan

I'd rather die tomorrow, than live a hundred years without having met you. Pocahontas

The second star on the right, straight ahead until dawn. Peter Pan

I want to leave, I want to leave! I want to enter! Lion King

The smile is mine, but the reason is you. Toy story

It is never too late to be young. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Are you sure this water is hygienic? It looks cloudy and suspicious. It is full of bacteria! Tarzan

There is nothing more important than family. Coconut

!!Amazing!! !! I am winning a mat !!! Aladdin

The past may hurt, but as I see it you can run away from it or learn. Lion King

What a hellfire, my heart burns, impure desire damn temptation. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Everything you see coexists in a delicate balance. The Lion King

Even miracles can take a little time. Cinderella

Men have always learned from the past. After all, you can learn the story in reverse! The sword in the Stone

Get a good idea, stay with it, take it and work it until you get it and get it right. Ratatouille

Let's make our own left over. The book of life

Very big, huge big eyes because they are full of awe, that is my center, that is what I was born with, eyes that are filled with wonder and marvel at everything, eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air, This astonishment is what I put in the world and it is what I protect in children, it is what makes me a guardian, that is my center, what is yours? The origin of the guardians

Supercalifragilisticoespiralidoso. Mary Poppins

Laughing at yourself is loving yourself. Mickey Mouse

The survival of man depends on the perfection of the senses less than one might think. Tarzan

We will be cowards, but fast cowards. Timon and Pumbaa

There are no words to describe a mother's tears. There are no words to heal a broken heart. Tarzan

I want to look like a man, but not smell like them. Mulán

Hakuna kills, lives and lets live. The Lion King

I don't bite back again. Mulán

You are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Winnie the Pooh

Salacadula, chachicomula, bibidy babidy bu! Cinderella

Children should never be sent to bed, when they wake up they are one day older. Peter Pan

Everything has a moral, you just need to know how to find it. Alice in Wonderland

Remember me even if I say goodbye. Coconut